Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Sleep Training

Bug has been on a nap strike for the last few days, which means he's falling asleep and napping just before dinner time. Which means he's staying up very late at night. Which means he's sleeping later in the morning, and continue the cycle.

 Last night, while laying with him at nearly 11 o'clock, I got to thinking about "sleep training". Just the term seems silly. Sleep is natural, necessary for g...ood health. Why on Earth would parents think they need to "train" their children to sleep?

 I got to thinking about all the reasons people "sleep train" their kids. They need some time to themselves. They need a full night of rest. They need to be alert for work. They need, they need, they "need".

What about what the child needs? Why isn't that taken into consideration? Children are not malicious, they are not manipulative. Their need for your warm embrace, for compassion, for a feeling of security- these are real needs. Needs which directly affect their health and well-being.

 The important thing to learn regarding sleep is how to listen to one's body- to sleep when you feel tired. We should spend less time "training" our kids to sleep based on the time of the clock and more time teaching them to listen to their bodies, and helping them meet their needs.

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