Thursday, January 31, 2013

That Awkward Moment...

That awkward moment when your 8 year old walks in on you having sex. Yeah. That happened last night. We forgot to close and lock the door, and in he walked. Thankfully we were already done, but still awkward. "Josh, Get out!" and out he ran, back to his bedroom. Papa- "Oh my god... how long was he in here?" ... Me- "Not long, he'd just walked in." P- *groan* M- "You know, we should go talk to him." P- *GROAN* M- "Come on, get some clothes on." So we go in there. Papa grew up extremely modestly, so I do all the talking. Me- "Hey Josh." Josh- "Hey." M- "When we walked in we were having sex." J- "I know." M- "Do you have any questions?" J- "No." M- "Okay" J- "I thought you were having a heart attack." M- "No. I'm sorry if it made you worried. We should have locked the door." J- "Yeah. If you'd have locked the door I would know not to come in there." M- "Alright. We'll do better to lock the door from now on." J- "Okay. Goodnight." M&P- "Goodnight, love you. J- "Love you." Back in our room.... Me- "He thought I was having a heart attack... " Papa- "Ye-ah. That's right.

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