Thursday, January 31, 2013

Middle Finger

Part of what I love about unschooling is that Josh (8y) feels comfortable talking to me about anything. While reading him a bedtime story just now- J- Mom, can I do this? (holds up middle finger) M- Well, you can. Do you know what it means though? J- Um, not really. ... M- It's like saying the f word to someone. Like saying f you. At least here in the US, anyway. J- Oh, that's kinda what I was thinking. M- What makes you ask? Where did you see it? J- Oh, you know, that movie Christmas Vacation. M- oh, yeeeeeah, when Clark tells the kids to look at a deer. J- Yeah. M- Well, if you make that gesture, most people will get very offended. I'd only do it if I was looking to start a fight, you know? It's not something to joke around about. J- Oh. Okay. Innocent questions, honest answers. No fear of judgement or reprimand. This has really opened up our communication and strengthened our relationship.See More "

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