Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Glimpse into Our Day

hat does a typical unschooling day look like? It is full of learning, but may not look like it to the "untrained" eye. Today the boys got up around 10am and helped me make eggs and toast for breakfast (home ec). Then they watched Phineas and Ferb for an hour, which may not look like learning, but Josh loves talking about how tv shows are made, voice overs, etc (art). We all got dressed (personal... hygiene). We got in the car to run some errands, and the car stalled because I let the clutch out while it was still in gear, so we talked about why that happened (mechanics). We drove downtown to pick up some lenses for Papa Bear and talked about how driving on the freeway was like being a blood cell in a vein or artery and side streets were like capillaries (biology). We got off course and Josh helped me use a map app to find our way (tech systems, map skills). He then asked if all city's road systems were set up in circles or squares (social studies). We sang songs while we drove (choir), one of which was the state and capitols song (social studies again). Once we got home we checked our compost pile, which was covered in flies, so we did some research and found out it is too wet (problem solving skills). So we added more leaves while we turned it and saw all its nasty decomposition glory (chemistry). The boys played outside (p.e.). Then one of Josh's friends came over to visit (social skills). Upon his arrival they quizzed each other on square roots, order of operations, and other math jargon using a math clock we've got in the living room (from They built legos to look like Star Wars ships (creativity), among other things. We went out for drive through dinner (shame on me) and talked about the effects of a high sugar or high sodium diet (nutrition). While we were out we drove through downtown where the square is lit with lights set to music. We talked about how many lights there were, and how many people must have coordinated to put them all up and set them to timers (math, science, problem solving). The radio station signal they used only reached the area directly around the square, so when the signal faded as we drove away we talked about radio waves, wave length and signal strength (math and science). Currently Josh is watching Doctor Who while I get Bug ready for bed. He loves talking about things like how the TARDIS is such a small box outside but large inside, and how they cut the film to create that illusion (art, biology). He wants to use our camera to make his own short film doing the same tricks. So there you have it, a very relaxed day in the KIU home, learning lurking around every corner, inside every experience and conversation. ♥

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