Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Typical Dinner

Continuing our discussion on food. What dinner time looks like at our house-

5:30pm- Josh (8y) is down the street playing. I text message neighbor Mom asking her to let Josh know we're going to have dinner in 20 minutes. She responds letting me know Josh wants to stay over until 6pm when her son has to be inside for the night. I let her know that's fine.

6pm- Josh comes inside. Papa, Bug (2y) an...d I are already sitting down to eat. We all welcome him home, "Hey Joshy!"

Me- You want something to eat? We're having chicken.
Josh- Nah, I'm not too hungry. (sits down at table with some legos)
Papa- How was your friend's house?
Josh- Oh fun, we _______ (whatever they did that day).
Bug- Whatcha makin', Joshy? (referring to the legos)

Casual conversation continues until we're done eating or someone excuses themselves to do something else.

8:30pm- Without saying a word to Papa or me, Josh goes in the kitchen, washes a frying pan and makes himself some scrambled eggs. After he's done I ask him if he gotten enough to eat today, or if he'd like me to make him something. He responds, "Nope, I'm full now."

When a family isn't separated from each other most of the waking day, sitting down at the same time to eat isn't as big of a deal. We have all day to connect with each other. Even so, we usually all end up at the table for a little while and enjoy some conversation, even if we're not all eating.

It is important to help our children learn to listen to their bodies cues. Forcing someone to eat when they're not hungry is not healthy. Denying someone food when they are hungry isn't healthy either. Those actions can create an unhealthy relationship with food which can last a lifetime.
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