Thursday, January 31, 2013

Christmas Cupcakes

Such a sweet moment- We got some money from my grandparents for christmas, so we divided it up and went out shopping today. We each had $20 to spend. I spent Bug's money for him on new glass/silicon not-quite-sippy cups. Josh decided he wanted to buy himself a $4 fancy schmancy cupcake and a $2 bottle of milk. Without even hesitating, he also bought Bug a cupcake while explaining to the cashier ...that his baby brother had already spent all his money. Then at the table while they were eating, he stuck a straw in his milk and offered some to Bug. "Oh! Quank you, Joshy!" I wanted SO BADLY to say something about how sweet he was to share, how nice it was for him to spend his money on his brother like that, how proud I was to see him being so generous and thoughtful. But he didn't need to hear that from me. That moment was between him and Bug, and he felt the joy of giving and saw the gratitude from his brother without any interference from me. So, even though I felt I could explode, I kept my mouth shut. Instead, I sat there and really appreciated the people they were and soaked in the moment. Then I got to thinking, calling attention to actions like that and talking about how special they are makes them seem abnormal. And why shouldn't it be normal to share with your brother?See More "

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