Thursday, January 31, 2013

Elf on the Shelf

On seeking truth- Kuddos to whoever came up with Elf on the Shelf, marketed it, and surely has made pockets of cash. But I think its ridiculous. We don't do it, nor Santa. We teach Josh (8y) to respect that other families do believe in Santa and not to spoil their traditions with the truth, but we'd never talked about the Elf as its so new. He has heard of the Elf on the Shelf, but doesn't have t...he faintest clue what it "does". His friend came over and caught us off guard. First off- they actually stood and hung out in the living room instead of being a whirl-wind from room to room to outside. Friend- Dude! Where's your Elf?! Josh- What? Friend- Didn't an elf come visit you from the North Pole? We have one at our house! Josh- That doll in your house? Dude.....that's not real. Its a doll. Friend- No! He's real! He's totally real! Me- *trying in vain to get Josh's attention to tell him to stop* Josh- Dude.... seriously... your parents bought him. They're at Target. Me- *still in vain* Josh! Josh! Friend- Nuh-uh!!! My mom didn't have any idea where he came from! She didn't even know about it! *Finally I get Josh's attention and give him the cut-it-out-and-shut-up look and hand motion* Me- Oh, that's neat, but we didn't get any visiting elves here.... Friend- Seriously, my mom had no idea. Me- Okay. Hey, we're about to go ice skating. Why don't you go ask your mom if you can come along? Friend runs along home and I talk with Josh about it. Me- Some people do this Elf on the Shelf thing that goes along with Santa. I'm sorry I didn't tell you about it so you'd know, but same as Santa, we shouldn't ruin other people's traditions. Josh- But Mom, its so obvious that its a doll. Why do people believe its real? Why do people tell lies? Do some people just HAVE to tell lies? Me- No, no one HAS to tell lies. But many, many people do. You've got to keep that in mind and ask your own questions. Its up to each of us to seek out the truth for ourselves, not to just take someone's word for it. Josh- But why don't we tell people the truth? Then they wouldn't believe lies anymore. Me- Well first of all, we don't even know all the truth for ourselves. Secondly, although it would be nice for people to believe the truth when they're told it, that isn't how it works. Everyone has to want to find the truth for themselves. If we try to tell them they're wrong or make fun of them for believing something it doesn't help them want to learn the truth. You can't make someone want to seek truth, they have to want it for themselves. Josh- *sounding defeated* yeah....I guess so. Well I already pretend about Santa around my other friend, I suppose I can pretend this too. Me- Or just change the subject to something else if you don't want to talk about it. Josh- I still just don't understand how they can believe its real. Its so obvious.See More "

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