Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Our First Unschooled Halloween

Halloween is upon us! Do you let your kids trick or treat? If you do, do you allow them to eat as much candy as they want afterward?

We do trick or treat, and we will let Josh eat as much candy as he wants. 2 reasons for that- 1. Things tend to be more desirable when they are forbidden. 2. How else is he going to figure out that binging on junk food makes you feel terrible? I certainly don't expe...ct him to just take my word for it.

As it is right now, we don't dictate what he eats, so I'm curious to see if he binges at all.

Bug isn't even 2 yet, and I am not sure how I feel about letting him eat candy to his hearts content. When we have the occasional sweets in the house I let him have a little anytime he asks for it, but we've never had bucket loads available. I suppose we'll play that one by ear.

.... Well, the night is done and the boys in bed. We let both boys eat as much candy as they wanted, and here's the final tally (yes, I actually kept a tally!). Josh ate 8 pieces of candy, most mindlessly while watching a movie. After the movie ended he went to his room to play. Bug ate 4 pieces. I set some grapes and pumpkin bread out once we got home and he chose to eat those instead. I'm pleasantly surprised at our first unschooled Halloween experience. :)"

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