Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Taking Care of Ourselves

Another reason I love unschooling-

We've all had some nasal congestion and sore throats the last couple of days. Started with me, then Bug, and now Josh too. Bug slept as long as he needed. Josh is still sleeping. We'll all spend the day snuggling up on the couch reading books or watching movies. We'll make some tea later, sit in the bathroom with a hot shower running, snack on some fruits and v...eggies, and focus on getting our bodies well.

Taking care of ourselves and keeping ourselves healthy is one of the most important things we can learn. It could be argued as THE most important thing even.

I want the boys to know how to take care of themselves properly. Work through stress, get plenty of rest, drink plenty of fluids, eat well (clean!), exercise in the fresh air and sunshine. I want them to listen to what their bodies need and respond appropriately.

Unfortunately I saw just the opposite of that happening when Josh was in school. Instead it was wake up before you're ready, its time to go. Eat right now, even if you're not hungry. And be quick about it, there are only 30 minutes for lunch. Go to the restroom when you're told, or you have to wait for the next break. Sit down, be still and be quiet, your 30 minutes specified for running around are over. Not feeling well? Can't handle this? Here's some medication.

Is it any wonder the overall health of our country is so poor? Most people have spent/are spending 13 years of their lives in that completely unnatural environment.

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