Thursday, January 31, 2013

Facilitating Generosity

# If we our kids to be generous we have to encourage and facilitate their generosity until they have a means to facilitate it themselves. After all, it isn't really the thought that counts, is it? It is the action. The world doesn't change from only a thought, but from the conviction to follow through and turn that though into action. Yesterday Josh (8y) made a lego something and wrapped it up for... a friend. "Can we take this to Ethan tomorrow?" Sadly, my gut reaction was to think about how far away Ethan lived, how that could potentially cut into our plans for the day, and how dang expensive those little plastic blocks are! I wanted to groan and think of a way to convince him it was nice for him to think to give his friend a gift, but we didn't *really* need to take it over there. I really feel like a terrible person admitting that. So I told him I'd call Ethan's mom today to see if we could come over. I learn so many things from my kids. Easily as much as they learn from me.See More " #

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