Thursday, January 31, 2013

The Facebook Analogy

Let's explore an analogy this morning. Let's pretend that facebook was the entire world, the only material to read, the only pictures to see, the only videos to watch, etc. Just pretend. Let's say every time a page you "like" posted it would be like a new discovery in their respective field. If you scrolled through their archived material it would be like reading a history book. Still with me? ...Okay. Now let's say there was a page you could "like" called THIS that never posted anything original. All they ever did was share material from other pages. Some unknown admins would pick and choose what to share and when. Some people would only "like" THIS and let it be their one source of information. Some people would "like" THIS and maybe also find the pages who posted the original material, but THIS would be their first source of information. And some people would never "like" THIS at all, and would instead explore any number of original pages on their own. These people may spend great lengths of time on one page, reading through archives, looking at every picture, and watching every video. At other times they may skim through and hop around several pages. These people are like unschoolers. THIS is like the education system.See More "

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