Thursday, January 31, 2013

Grammar via Text

Let's talk about something a little less heavy, like learning about apostrophes and contractions by text messaging. :)

Last month Josh's friend "Bob" moved to another town. Earlier while we were driving-

Josh- Hey Mom, I want to talk to Bob. Can I send his mom a text to ask if he can talk on the phone?
Me- Sure. Here you go. (handing over phone)

J- (figuring out how to send a text...typing typing) How do you make one of those top commas?

M- That's called an apostrophe. And I'm not sure without looking at the phone. What are you trying to type?

J- I want to say "Hi, it's Josh."

M- You could say "it is" instead.

J- Well that doesn't sound right. I'll say "Hi, this is Josh." instead.

M- Okie dokie.

J- (typing typing) UGH!!! I need to use an apostrophe again!

M- What are you trying to say now?

J- "I'll"

M- You could type out "I will".

J- Fine.

M- Do you see how sometimes when you're using an apostrophe you're combining two words together to make one?

J- Oh, yeah...

M- The apostrophe is like the place holder for the letters you leave out. Words that are combined like that are called contractions.

J- Hmm, neat.
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