Thursday, January 31, 2013

Josh's Hair Cut

Back Story- Josh (8y) has not quite long hair, but its been growing out for a while. He asked me the other day to trim the back a little, but whenever I was able to do it he was busy with something else so it hasn't happened. Fast Forward- This morning Bug (23m) and I went to run an errand. Josh wanted to stay home, so he did. When we got back Josh ran up to me, SO excited, before I even got in ...the door saying, "Mom, mom, guess what I did!?" I could plainly see he had cut his hair. There were chunks missing all around his head. Oddly enough, the hair at the back was still long. But I still asked, "What did you do?!" "I cut my hair! AND I swept it up and put the broom and dustpan away ALL BY MYSELF!" Me- "That's awesome! Did you want me to trim the back for you?" Josh- "No, I got it already. I used the comb and just reached behind my head with the scissors." Me- "Alright then." Old Me would have mentioned how uneven it was and insisted he let me "fix it". But thankfully New Me realizes it is not my hair, so not mine to "fix". He is obviously happy with it and proud of himself, and if he's happy I'm happy.See More "

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