Thursday, January 31, 2013

"If I let them, they'd do it all day."

I see/hear many people say "My child would do xyz all day if I let them", but how many have actually tried letting them? If you haven't given them the freedom to do xyz as long as they like, you don't actually know how long they would choose to do it. People can't self regulate when there are restrictions. If something is restricted or limited, it is natural to indulge or stockpile as much as poss...ible when it is available.

Think economics. If there was a gas shortage, would you run out and get as much as you could while you could? And what about when there isn't a shortage? You fill up as needed, right?

Another example- Imagine you had a craving for your favorite food. One of those cravings that keeps at your mind and won't go away. Now imagine someone else in control of your life said, "Here, you can smell it, look at it, and have one bite." Would that satisfy your craving? Likely not. It would likely make it worse. How would you feel toward the person making the rules and controls over you?

But what if you were in control of your life and indulged the craving until you were satisfied? You would likely be satisfied and your mind able to go about concentrating on other things. It is no different with children.
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