Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Nutritional Benefits to Unschooling

I am realizing another benefit to unschooling. A huge nutritional benefit.

Today we bought raw milk from a farm across town where the cows are grass fed and pature raised. This evening I made butter from it. Tomorrow I'm going to attempt to make cheese. Being home gives me the time to do these things, and the kids love getting in on the action.

Having a relaxed schedule makes it no big deal for... us to stop a thousand times picking up raw milk from the farm, local eggs from our Family Health store, organic grass fed meat at the farmer's market once a week, and organic produce from the grocery store any time.

When I make chili, its no big deal for me to dice fresh tomatos instead of using canned. When we want pumpkin bread, its no big deal for me to throw a pie pumpkin in the oven, roast, and puree it instead of using canned.

We don't eat everything organic and unprocessed, but we try to do as much as we can, which is becoming more and more as we continue to learn. I am so thankful to provide these health benefits for my family, and I'm glad for the boys to learn firsthand about proper nutrition and fresh cooking skills.

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