Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Night Time Giggles

We don't exactly co-sleep, but we have an open door policy. If either of the boys wants to sleep in our room with us they are welcome. We keep extra blankets and pillows next to our bed and make them a quick pallet if needed. Bug (21m) never wants to sleep with us. Josh (8y) is a nomad, sometimes sleeping in his room, sometimes on the couch, but most often in our room with us. I love when he cho...oses to sleep in our room with us. Since Josh sleeps later than Bug, and he is busy out with his friends all afternoon/evening, bedtime is the best time for us to have one-on-one time with him. We read from a chapter book. We talk about whatever crosses our minds. Sometimes we laugh so hard we're in tears and can't breathe! Just last night we were chit chatting, and he mentioned he wanted to learn more sign language (we teach the kids to sign as infants to help them communicate more easily), so we pulled up some free lessons online and watched them in bed. Then we practiced signing to one another. Sometimes we talk about where we imagine we could go in our dreams til we drift away. Sometimes we talk about very serious things. We can't know when a lasting memory will be born, a pressing question answered, a new skill learned, or a deep personal connection made. These things care not about the time on the clock.See More "

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