Wednesday, January 30, 2013

TV as a Learning Tool

Sometimes tv is a touchy subject with home schoolers. We let Josh watch as much tv as he wants. Some days he watches a lot, some days none at all. It probably averages out to around an hour each day.

We don't have cable, and only get 2 channels over the air which we never bother to watch anyway (except Wheel of Fortune, we love that show). Netflix is all we've got, which is great. There is a wid...e array of educational material available, and no commercials!

In addition to the obviously educational material available, we also use tv as an opportunity to talk about settings, characters, plots, the way sets are built and used, the way cameramen capture scenes, editing, sound studios, costumes, and so much more. We spend much of our time talking about how nothing on tv is real. Even documentaries have been edited and only show you snippets.

This started back when Josh was about 5. He was watching sky divers and said, "Is that man skydiving too?" to which I said "What man?" and he replied "The man videotaping." Kids are so perceptive!

 How about you guys? Do you allow your children to watch tv? What are your favorite shows?

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