Thursday, January 31, 2013

Making Agreements with Josh

We need to run some errands. The boys are playing outside with the neighbor kids.

Me- Hey Josh! We need to go to the store.
Josh- Uuuugh! My friend just got here. Can I go stay at his house while you're out?
Me- I'm going to be gone too long and won't be back before their dinner time. I don't feel comfortable inviting you over to dinner like that.
... Friend- That's fine with me.
Me- Yeah, but that is your special family time. Josh, I don't like that idea, how about something else?
Josh- I really want to play some more, and if its going to take us that long my friends will all be in by the time we get home.
Me- Okay, how about you play some more now and then we'll go.
Josh- Okay.
Me- 20 minutes?
Josh- 30?
Me- Alright, 30 minutes.
Josh- K! *running off*
Me- *yelling after him* Is that an agreement?!
Josh- Agreed!
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