Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Voluntary Relationships

Our relationships with our partners are voluntary. We get to choose to spend our lives with this other person. Every day we get to make that choice again, to stay or to move on. I know that if I treat my husband disrespectfully, he is less likely to want to be with me everyday. I love him, and I love being with him, and out of that love I want to do things that make him happy. Because I want him want to be with me.

Our children are not in a voluntary relationship with us. They did not get to choose us as parents, and until they are able to care for themselves they don't have the choice to stay or go every day. But what if they did? What if our children could choose between us and a different mom/dad? Would they choose us? Are we treating them with the same love and respect now that we would if they had this choice?

I really want everyone to ponder this, because one day our kids will leave us to be on their own. And one day they will have the choice to continue to have a relationship with us or not. We can't wait to treat them with love and respect once they do have that choice, by then it will be too late.
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