Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Lemon Flavored Toosie Rolls

Another example of how the unlikeliest situation can spark curiosity and learning.

Josh and I were sitting on the couch last night, watching scary movies, eating candy. He grabs a lemon flavored tootsie roll.

J-"How do they make them lemon flavored?"
... M-"Well I would hope with lemon juice, but being candy, I can't be sure."
(Josh finds a lime flavored one)
J-"What are limes?"
M-"A fruit, very similar to lemons, but green."
J-"How do they grow?"
M-"On a tree.Wanna see a picture?"
(I grab my smart phone and find him a picture)
J-"What about bananas? How do they grow?"
M-"Also on a tree....... here's a picture."
J-"Bug loves bananas. We should get him a banana tree. Can banana trees grow here?"
M-"Let's see....(found an article and read it) ...grow in tropical climates, need lots of rain, etc etc etc.... the word banana comes from the Arabic word for finger."
J-"Really?! What's the Arabic word for "toe"?"
M-"Let's see if we can find it. (searching) Here it is, but I don't know how to pronounce it, I'm not familiar with their alphabet."
J-"Let me see! Oh cool. We should find someone who can teach us the alphabet."

And so I posed a question to my facebook friends last night. I got some youtube video links, and also a reference to a few people who take an ESL class at the church my in-laws attend. Hopefully we can arrange a meet-up for Josh to learn from them soon.
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