Thursday, January 31, 2013

I love witnessing their learning

You know what I love about unschooling? I love watching my kids learn life skills. I love watching Bug (23m) crack an egg into a pan for breakfast. I love watching Josh (8y) take something apart when its broken to figure out how to fix it. I love that Josh wants to pump my gas for me every time we fill up. I love when we go over our grocery budget, plan a meal, and cook together. I love when Jos...h keeps a running estimate of our expenditures at the store, then counts out cash to pay for the items we buy. I love watching them out in the world, seeing how everything works, interacting with all sorts of people, learning how to navigate their way through. Everyone worries so much about teaching their kids to read, write, and do math but I worry about kids growing up without life skills. My kids are learning to read and all that as a byproduct of living. Its an afterthought, a means to achieve a goal. Their goal is not a gold star, an A+, a 1st place or some other external label of success. Their goals come within themselves. They learn because they are internally motivated by their own passions. And I love that I am able to witness it.See More "

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