Thursday, January 31, 2013

Being Up Front and Honest

Being open and honest is always best-

We try to eat paleo, but yesterday we went out for ice cream. I had a few bites of mine and it was just 'meh'. Left my mouth feeling all slimy and didn't taste so great. I told Papa how I had imagined my 'cheat treat' to be this vanilla cupcake from a little shop down town, not ice cream.

So we're leaving the ice cream shop and I mentioned I wanted to stop the cupcake shop for that vanilla cupcake. (These things aren't cheap, hence Papa's reservations down there.)

Papa- Don't you think it'd be better to get one later in secret? If we all go the kids are going to want one too, and we just went out for ice cream.

Me- Well, let's see what the kids think. Hey Josh, I didn't enjoy my ice cream so I want to pick up a cupcake on the way home for my treat. Would it be alright with you if I only get the one cupcake for me?

Josh (8y)- Sure, that's fine. I had my ice cream already, I'm full. Bug, it that alright with you?

Bug (2y)- Yeah. (he says 'yeah' to just about any question)

Josh- Go ahead Mom, it's fine with Bug and me.

Me- Alright then. (smiling at Papa)
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