Thursday, January 31, 2013

What is Normal?

# " I'm ready to continue my rant about food and food stuffs, if you'd like to join me. What is normal? What is natural? What is necessary? These are big questions. The answers can greatly affect our lives. Normal is certainly a matter of perception and perspective. Being much less immersed in society now, we are better able to ponder what we find to be normal without being bombarded by outside sou...rces' (the media) version of "normal". When I ask 'what is natural?' I'm talking about what we are biologically encoded to do. Why is it that what is 'natural' is not considered 'normal' by some, even after being passed down through generations? Also, what is 'natural' in regards to what we put in and on our bodies? How much of what we feel we "need" to do is actually necessary? Why do we feel things to be necessary in the first place? Society? Tradition? How much stress could we avoid if we let go of those ideas? This could turn into a huge discussion, and please go for it in the comments! Since I am currently working on our budget for food and cleaning supplies, I am going to apply the questions to personal hygiene and household cleaners. For example, you don't NEED to shampoo your hair to have lovely locks. You don't NEED to brush your teeth to have good oral hygiene; diet plays a much bigger role. I'll post an album shortly with all our household cleaning recipes. All simple, natural, and cheap to make. As mentioned before, there are more natural ways to do things. This is just where we are right now, and if it inspires anyone else or helps you save money, then awesome! Turn all this into a learning opportunity for both you and your kids. Look up the ingredients listed on your current cleaners, soaps or shampoos. Look into how some chemicals are made. Look into what pH is, and the role it plays in chemical reactions. Learn how chemicals react together. Learn how they affect our bodies. How many of the ingredients in some cleaners are actually "necessary" to get the job done? How many are there to extend shelf life? Many learning adventures await you!See More " #

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