Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Posting Our Lives Gets Emotional

Running this page can be very emotional at times. We're opening up some very intimate parts of our lives to the entire internet world. Most of you don't know us in real life, but there are a fair number of people here who do. We choose to do this because we strongly believe in what we are doing, and we want to offer insight and support to those curious or also struggling with making changes in t...heir lives. We understand the risk and reward involved and find the reward to be well worth it. But even so, we are only human. Sometimes, for one reason or another, we are more sensitive to the questions and comments posted here. We are talking about our family and our children, the most important things in our lives. The very real children whom we love more than anything in this world, not some hypothetical unschooling kids somewhere. So, please forgive me if sometimes a post may come off as snarky or short. Sometimes I take things personally, because for me this is very personal. Although this may be the first time you've come across a question about unschooling or peaceful parenting, we have been asked the same questions more times than I care to count. I will do my best to remember there are very real people on the other side of very genuine questions and concerns. Please remember that over here I am also a real person who sometimes gets frustrated. I'm sorry when that comes out. We really appreciate everyone here, and all the dialogue on the page.See More

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