Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Mama's thoughts on Santa

My thoughts on Santa- I'm referring to the commercialized Santa, the guy who watches you all year and has a naughty and nice list. I don't care for the idea that being "good" gets you a material "prize". I don't want to teach that at all. I don't want the idea that someone is watching you to judge your actions getting into the kids' heads either. I want them to do good, be kind and charitable bec...ause they are internally motivated to do so. Because of how it makes them feel to give to others. We will get them each a couple of gifts, and they will know they're from us. We will share with them the stories and the history of all the holidays of the season. Santa's story will be one of those and it will be fun I'm sure, but just a story.See More

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