Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Josh Gets Into Cleaning

Remember the other day when Josh (8y) told me he "wasn't into cleaning"? And then he asked me to mop a few days later? Well, today one of his friends is coming over. I said I wanted to clean the house up some before he got here and started picking up. I mentioned wanting to vacuum my room. Josh- Oooh, oooh! I'll go get the vacuum! (comes back with vacuum) I'll plug it in. Can I do it. ... Me- Yeah. I'll go pick up Bug's room while you get that done. (Josh finishes my room and sets the vacuum up in Bug's room, then starts playing a puzzle with Bug.) Me- Want me to do this room while you play? Josh- No, I want to do it. Vacuuming is my new favorite thing! Me- *conceals shock* Okay, I'll go throw some laundry in the wash. He went on to do the living room (even though there's no carpet) and mopped too. Me- Thanks for your help! I was able to get some more chores done while you did the vacuuming, and now the house is clean and we can relax. Josh- You're welcome! Thanks for doing the other stuff. Its a lot easier when we work together

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