Thursday, January 31, 2013

Response to Article

This article was shared to the wall late last night. I read it first thing this morning, and it made me so angry. Now that I've had the day to reflect on my feelings and put my thoughts together, I am ready to share it with you (although you may have already seen it at Free Your Kids). These parents, and SO MANY MORE, got to a point where they honestly felt like there was "nothing else they could... do". It is easy to judge them for their actions, but let's step back a bit and see how society and we ourselves fit into the picture too. Where is community any more? Where were friends or family willing to help give them a good night's sleep so they could approach their son with a clear head? How has it become so easy to ignore the nature that offspring are wired to sleep with their parents? Why was no one there to suggest they look into the needs underlying his behavior? Why did no one tell them it is okay to fulfill their son's need to be with them? Why do so many people think co-sleeping is detrimental to a couple's intimacy? We need to bring back community. We need to talk about the REAL challenges of parenting. We need to stop the illusion that having children is anything less than giving your life over to the development of another human being, for the sake of the future of humanity. Parenting is not all plaster hand prints and swinging at the park. It is coaching another person through the raw moments of fear, pain, and heartache. I beg of you, think of this article the next time you see someone ask for help online. Too many don't have a strong support network in "real life". If we can't offer them understanding, love, and support to find better options, this could be the result. More "

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