Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Life Skills

Papa Bear and I were chatting the other night about life skills. Often enough we get asked how the boys will be prepared for life without school. We find the question silly, really.

Instead of sitting in a room being told what life is like for 7 hours a day, they are living it. Cooking meals, keeping a house, caring for the yard, planning grocery lists, budgeting family finances, changing spark ...plugs, building forts, sewing clothes, caring for siblings, making repairs, etc. And they're interacting with people of all ages and backgrounds all along the way.

Sure, its not all day every day. There is a healthy dose of play thrown in there. But I'm confident they are exposed to these life skills much more than schooled children. I was a working mom of a schooled kid before, and no matter how I would have tried to squeeze all these things into the evenings and weekends, I didn't have the time or energy.

The school system isn't concerned with teaching life skills, as evidenced by the lack of home economics or shop-like classes, little to no recess, nutrition-less food, and more and more "teaching to the test". 13 years in that system produces people who are dependent on "professionals" for handling their finances, their food, their health, their homes, their children, their lives.

No thanks. That is not the life for which I want our boys to be prepared.

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