Tuesday, January 29, 2013

GandK Kid Paint

Josh is feeling majorly math-y today! He's playing GandK Kid Paint on Roku (which I find dreadfully boring, but he digs it) drawing shapes. He asks me why his pentagon looks funny. It wasn't symmetrical. Which opened a conversation about symmetry and the imaginary "line of symmetry".

So he's got a pentagon, hexagon, and octagon going. He asks what else he can make, so I tell him he's missing a septagon (which I've now learned is more commonly called a heptagon). We pull up a picture on google, and one of the images shows the measures of each angle. That sparks another conversation about degrees, circles being 360, right angles being 90, how any closed shape's angles will add together to 360, etc. Then he asks, "What's a shape with 9 (10,11,12...) sides called?" and proceeds to draw those as well.

What I've learned from all this- 1. There's no "right" age to learn anything. In public school geometry isn't taught til, what, high school? Certainly not at age 7. 2. Unschooling is not for the lazy parent. 3. Higher level learning can spark from the unlikeliest of situations. 4. Google is my friend. :)

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