Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Drop The Labels

Being a "radical unschooler" I know that our family is in the minority. I know that most people I meet, even people I already know, do not understand or agree with what we are doing.

Does that mean I don't want to spend time with them? No. I am the only of my friends who unschools, and I still love and enjoy my friends dearly.

Does that mean I don't want the boys hanging out with people who are...n't unschoolers? Absolutely not. Nearly all of Josh's close friends go to public school. They laugh and play and have a great time. He eats dinner with their families, and they come here to eat with us. I spend time with their parents and we get along quite well.

Does that mean I think everyone else should unschool? No. I don't presume to know what is best for anyone else's family. I only (try to) know what is best for my own. It is my opinion that the benefits of unschooling outweigh benefits of other methodologies, but I am happy to keep my opinion to myself unless asked.

Spending time with people of different backgrounds and opinions enriches our lives. It may call into question our own opinions, and that's a good thing. So long as you're a pleasant, respectful, good-humored person I am more than happy to kick it with you, learn some new things, and make some memories. Being unschoolers is only part of who we are, just like being schooled or vegan or (insert whatever label you want to use) is only part of who you are.

Let's drop the labels and just enjoy each others' company.

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