Saturday, February 2, 2013

Toothbrush Ownership

They're getting it!!!!

Bug (2y) is playing with Josh's (8y) electric toothbrush. Josh comes inside and sees this.

Josh- Bug, that is my toothbrush, give it to me.
Bug- Heea go, Joshy. (hands toothbrush over and runs to me) Where's mine toothbrush, Mama? Where's Bug's toothbrush? Where's mine toothbrush, Mama?
Me- In there, let's go get it.
Bug- Okay.
Me- (Hands him his toothbrush)
Bug- Sanks Mom...!

And he runs back to where he was and picks up where he left off.

side note- these are not the toothbrushes they use to brush their teeth, when they choose to brush their teeth.

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