Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Feed the Hunger

Our youngest is not quite 2. Watching him learn is absolutely fascinating! In 20 short months he has learned to roll, crawl, sit, stand, and walk. He can understand the bulk of a language, he has figured out body language and inflection. He can communicate more and more everyday. He's learned to feed himself and drink from a cup, do puzzles, make jokes. He has an insatiable hunger for learning. He... has an incredible drive to do everything for himself. He fails over and over, but he never gives up. He perseveres until he succeeds.

Why is it society would have us believe that at age 5 this hunger and drive is no longer enough for him to learn all he needs to have a successful, happy life?

I say, feed their hunger. Encourage their drive. Stand back and bask in the amazing awesomeness that is the unencumbered human spirit.

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