Wednesday, August 14, 2013

So, We're Bald

An Explanation of Our Baldness-

You may have noticed in our pictures from yesterday that Bug (2y) is without his beautiful flowing red hair. Well, the short story is, he had lice. Apparently it's going around our area pretty badly. I had never dealt with lice before, so I get to reading about how to rid ourselves of them. I found a lot of conflicting information- some say use the shampoo, some sa...y the shampoo doesn't work, some say you have to comb them all out, etc.

I am just one Mama at home alone all week with these two boys. I do not have the time or energy to try a failing method and restart with cleaning everything. On top of that, Bug was having nothing to do with sitting still and having his hair combed out. Josh's hair is so thick and just dark enough I couldn't comb through it effectively either. So my solution- SHAVE IT OFF!

Josh was a little stressed out at this idea. He was worried his hair would never grow back and he'd be bald forever like his grandfather. I reassured him his hair would all grow back, but he was still nervous. "Aren't you going to shave your hair too?" he asked. Well, I hadn't thought about it, honestly, but he was right. Who was going to check and comb my hair? The only solution- shave it off! First, it was the most practical way to be sure I didn't have lice. Secondly, how could I tell Josh it was "no big deal" if I wasn't willing to do it as well?

And so Josh shaved my head first, which made him much more comfortable with shaving his next. He was so happy that I trusted him with a blade next to my face. He was really proud of himself, and did a great job. Very gentle around my ears. After the two of us were done, Bug was excited to have his hair cut too. Monkey see, monkey do. We had fun with it and did mohawks and other such silliness. Papa even shaved his head on the road so we're all bald together.

So there you go. That's what happened to our hair.

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