Saturday, August 17, 2013

Teach Them to Do for Themselves

I think most people here have a goal to parent peacefully; to be patient, understanding, and accommodating with our kids all the time. I'm certain that all of us lose it at one time or another though. Sometimes there is no amount of deep breathing or chanting of mantras to contend with a toddler who needs you to get up for one more thing, to have another glass of water before bed, to read the story one more time, or whatever it is in the moment that causes our temporary insanity.

The best preparation I have found for moments like these is to start teaching your children to do for themselves as early as possible. Not in a "Life's tough, kid. Suck it up and do it yourself." manner, not that at all. In a way that says "I trust your ability to do whatever you try to do, although it may take some practice." Trust them, coach them, encourage them to do things for themselves each day.

Then when you're having those moments when you just need a break, you can say things like "Mommy can't get it for you right now. Can you push a chair over so you can reach it?" or "There's a glass of water on the dresser, you may get a drink yourself whenever you'd like." or "Mommy's eyes are tired, can you read the story to me?" and know they'll be able to handle it. The glass of water saved my sanity last night with Bug (2y).

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