Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Stressful Night Continued

Our stressful night last night, the one in which I struck Bug (2y) for the first time in his life (see post below), continued this morning. Bug was not talking, whining about everything, and I had no idea what was bothering him or what he needed to feel better.

I retreated to the kitchen and let out an, "Arrrg! I'm going to lose my mind!"

Josh strolled in and said, "You know Mom, that was wrong
of you to smack him last night."

"Yes it was, very wrong of me. A huge mistake and I regret it very much. I hope to never do that again, and I hope Bug will forgive me." I replied.

Josh nodded and walked away, as if he just wanted to be sure I knew he saw what happened and what he thought of it. As if to be sure I knew I'd have big brother to contend with if I thought that type of behavior was acceptable. He was being sure someone spoke up for Bug's rights.

He makes me so proud.

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