Friday, August 9, 2013

Adventures in Potty Learning

Adventures in Potty Learning-

Bug (2y) has been flirting with using the potty for over 6 months.

It started with him using the potty immediately after waking. This was my doing. I sat him there and "caught" the pee. Then he wanted nothing to do with that. Alright.

Then he started getting irate if his diaper was wet. He'd let us know immediately if he was wet. For a while we let him go diaperless and kept a potty seat in the room with him. For maybe a week he used it without any accidents. Then he suddenly no longer cared and just went on the floor. We couldn't have that, so back in diapers it was.

Currently he is on day three of using the potty exclusively again, this time staying in the bathroom. Without any prompting from us he'll stop what he's doing and run in there to go. Maybe he'll continue for a week, maybe he's got it fully figured out. Either way is totally fine. I know he'll get it in his own time without any pressure from us

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