Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Josh Buys a New Bike

You might remember a few months ago Josh's bike got stolen from our back yard. It was never found and has yet to be replaced. He did odd and end jobs to make some money, like selling cookies to the neighbors, but usually ended up spending it on treats from the ice cream truck.

He's recently been pulling weeds from the neighbor's garden and earning more than a fair wage, so has a chunk of change s
aved up. Last night he was telling me about the things he might buy. I mentioned he had enough to get a new (to him) bike on Craigslist.

"Whoa! Okay, how do I use Craigslist?" he exclaimed. With minimal guidance he had the bike listings pulled up and browsed until he found the perfect one. He replies to the post via email and I coach him on what to write. He asks how to spell 'interested', which I spell out for him. I watch from the couch as he types out "contact", but has misspelled it. He notices the red dotted line, gives the word a right click, and chooses the correct spelling.

He finishes up the email, asking me about formatting the signature. "Do I hit enter once or twice before I say 'thanks'?" Then he hits command and return to send. Fancy. I had no idea that keyboard command would send the email. He'd noticed it pop up when he hovered over "Send" with the mouse.

There was so much learning wrapped up in those few minutes. I love having the privilege to witness it. I love watching him discover new things. I love seeing him use the tools at his disposal. And I especially love when I learn new things right alongside him.

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