Monday, August 12, 2013

Josh Helps While I'm Sick- part 2

Written May 16th, 2013
I want to share a sweet moment from last night. I was feeling quite terrible, and unable to stand up without getting nauseous. Bug (2y) wasn't feeling so great either, although he was keeping his food down throughout the afternoon. It was 8pm or so, and Bug and I were in bed, Bug crying inconsolably and me feeling unable to handle the situation effectively.

Josh (8y) came in and brought Bug some water, which calmed him down. Then he read us stories while I cuddled Bug until he drifted off. It was really a very special moment. Later on I heard him talking on the phone to a friend who had called to check on us, telling her what kinds of food I would like if she brought us a meal. She even mentioned to me today how surprised she was that he was focused on what I would like, and not what he would like.

I feel so lucky to have some amazing friends, and I feel even more lucky to have such an attentive, caring, loving son. It is truly awe inspiring to watch him grow into a young man, being responsible, and really taking charge of the household the last two days.
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