Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Bear Becomes Real

Bug (2y) has this bear. It was once a handsome stuffed bear, but over 2 years of being totted around, slept on, and played with has left him stuffing-less, except for his head and the beans at the ends of his feet. He is loved.

Recently, Bear has taken on a new role in the family. A 'real' role. It started with Bug feeding him sips of water, then proclaiming that I needed to get Bear a napkin to
wipe his mouth. The Bear started sharing meals with Bug, getting bites of everything Bug ate.

The next step was that Bear needed to wear a seat belt in the car, so he now sits in the middle seat buckled up. Most recently he required a night time diaper and pajama shirt. I'm the opposite of a hoarder, so dressing Bear in a 3T shirt and toddler sized overnight diaper was.... interesting. Some days I even get to hold him over the toilet while Bear goes potty in the big potty chair.

I know from things I've read that Bug's treatment of Bear is a reflection of how we treat Bug. It makes me smile to see them both treated so well, loved so much. It didn't really hit me until bedtime the other night though. The three of us were lying in bed- Bug, Bear and I. Bug and Bear were rolling around, being silly, playing and laughing.

Then Bug said, "Okay Bear, you need to calm down. Okay, time to calm down. Here, I snuggle with you. Here Bear, I get you some covers." He loving laid Bear on the pillow and pulled the covers up to his chin. He snuggled in next to him and repeated the above sentences over and over.

My heart could have exploded. I soaked in his words. I am thankful for what he said, but more thankful for the things he didn't say. No harsh words, no demands, no threats. Just love.

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