Saturday, August 3, 2013

Josh Explains Unschooling

Last night we took an impromptu trip to Houston. Crazy, but fun. Tonight we were all down at the hotel pool and another boy was swimming and playing with Josh (8y). After a while their conversation took this turn-
Josh- What grade are you in?
Kid- I'm going into 7th grade. What about you?
Josh- Third. Well, I would be in third but I'm homeschooled.
Kid- You're homeschooled? Lucky!
Josh- Yeah!
Kid- I wish I was homeschooled. Because then you wouldn't have to go to school. You could just stay home.
Josh- Yep, well I mean, I go to lots of places, but yeah.
Kid- Do you get to sleep later?
Josh- I get to sleep as long as I want.
Kid- That's so cool. So you just do all your school work at home?
Josh- I just learn by nature. Or I'll ask myself these questions and find the answers.
Kid- I wish I was homeschooled.

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