Saturday, August 17, 2013


As an unschooling parent, I feel my role is to litter the boys' paths with as much interesting material and opportunities for learning as I can, and to facilitate the opportunities of which they choose to take advantage.

Many call this "littering of the path" strewing. For example, Bug (2y) and I went to the library yesterday, but Josh (8y) did not want to go. That's fine, I respect that. While
we were there I grabbed a few books I thought Josh may find interesting, and when we got home I laid them out on our "school stuff" table. (quite the misnomer, huh?)

Last night around 10:30pm when Josh and I were heading to bed, he noticed one of the books and decided to read it. Since we don't have bed times or any rules about being up late, that was no problem at all. I went to bed while he stayed up to read, and he quietly came to bed when he was finished.

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