Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Letter 'P' Taste Testing

Josh (8y) thought it would be fun to have a week revolving around the letter "P", and he helped me brainstorm ideas for activities (invitations). He chose to have a taste testing of foods which start with the letter P today.

I thought I'd jazz it up a bit and do something resembling Hell's Kitchen, which Josh loves watching with me.
So we have the Red Team and the Blue Team, marked by these awesome little shot glasses I found at Dollar Tree. After tasting each pair, he can award a point to the team of the food he enjoyed more. We've got Pears vs Plums, Peas vs Prosciutto, Pineapple vs Papaya, and Pomegranate vs Peach Juice. I'm curious to see which one he finds "RAW!"

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