Friday, April 12, 2013

Magna Doodle Math

But how will they learn math?! Effortlessly my friend, effortlessly.

Sitting with Bug, 2 years old, and a magna-doodle...

Bug- *stamps three stars* Is it two stars, Mama?
Me- That's three stars, honey.

Bug- Oh, three stars. *erases two of the stars* Is it one star, Mama?

Me- That's right, that's one star.

Bug- *erases everything, stamps three stars again* Is it three stars, Mama?

Me- Yes, three stars.

Bug- *erases one star* Is it two stars, Mama? *erases another star* Is it one star, Mama?

Me- Yes. You had three stars, and after you erased two stars there is only one left.

Bug- Only one left, Mama!

Repeat, repeat, repeat.

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