Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Did I Make the Most of Today

The kids are in bed. Another day has come and gone, and I find myself asking if I made the most of it.

How many times did I brush the boys off to pay attention to something trivial instead? How many times did I wish for them to occupy themselves so I could check my email or facebook? How many special moments did I miss? How many more smiles, giggles, hugs, and cuddles could we have squeezed in? Will I be regretting today tomorrow? Did I take today for granted?

Certainly, I take many things for granted every day. I think it's important to remember we are not promised tomorrow. What if today was our last day together? I don't want to live in fear of losing this beautiful life we share together each day, but I do want to live in humble appreciation of every little moment and soak each one up while I can.

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