Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Josh goes to work with Papa

Josh (8y) went to work with Papa today, something unschooling and working for yourself allows for quite nicely. Josh asked if he could join Papa last night around 10pm. "You'll have to wake up early, I'm leaving at 6:30am," Papa told him. Although Josh normally sleeps til 10, 11, or later, he was alright with getting up at 6 to join Papa.

They both came in to kiss me goodbye before they left. "Go bring home some bacon," I told Josh. He was beaming with pride.

I'm reminded of other cultures in which it was normal for kids of Josh's age to go out with the adults and learn to provide for the family. They are allowed and expected to contribute to their family, and their community, as soon as they are able. There isn't the extended childhood and awkward adolescent stage we find in American culture.

I much prefer the go, do, live, learn attitude to the stop, stay, don't, wait attitude given to most kids. What are your thoughts?

Later that day...
Papa just posted this to his personal facebook page (fyi, he's a photographer and today they're taking children's pictures at a daycare)-

"So I'm at a Daycare with Josh, and he is STARVING!! We are waiting on one parent who said she would be by before lunch. It's nearing one o' clock and no sign of a parent. Everybody is napping, so Josh and I have a room to ourselves. I say, Josh would you like to man the sales table and cover while I get your lunch? He says. YES!! So I let the director know and she giggles and says ok. When I get back the director walks in with her husband and wants to pick out her package. Then, in walks the parent. I hand Josh her pictures and a price sheet. The Director and her husband started to laugh, and when they realized I wasn't joking they stopped and said, .... really?? The room went silent as Josh went selling away.
"The folio is usually $120.00. But you can have it for $100.00. Spring break special. But you really want the CD because you can make prints."

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