Thursday, April 4, 2013

AFV Isn't Funny Anymore

Just watched America's Funniest Home Videos from last week on Hulu because of friend of mine was on there. The winning video was of a boy driving with his mom. They'd just left a restaurant and he had accidentally left with their plastic cup (not one of the free kid's cups). Apparently she told him she was going to have to call the police because he stole the cup.

He was hysterical. Tears down his face, couldn't hardly breathe, pleading with his mother to please let him take it back to the restaurant. She calmly, while video taping him, said there was nothing she could do. As the host was congratulating them on their win, he mocked the boy while giving him a souvenir cup. The mother said she viewed the whole situation as a "teachable moment".

Teaching what exactly? Watching the video made me feel so awful for the boy. Seeing his mother win $10,000 for the ordeal made me sick to my stomach. Am I the only one who feels this way?

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