Thursday, February 14, 2013

Josh Goes to the Store

One of the longest moments of my life-

Josh (8y) wanted a candy bar. We don't have any in the house, and for several reasons I was unwilling to take him to the store that moment. So he suggested he go down to the corner store and buy one himself.

Can you say PANIC ATTACK?! In my head I desperately grasped at reasons he shouldn't go, but I had nothing. The store is maybe a quarter mile away. The route only crosses residential streets. I trust him. He is responsible. I had no logical reason to argue he shouldn't go.

And so he went. With my phone in his pocket and a recap of basic safety and self defense, my little baby walked away from the house out into the big world all alone.

I almost cried. I watched the clock like a maniac. I must have asked Papa twenty times, "He's fine, right?"

He was. Perfectly fine. More than fine. He strutted back up to the house like a proud peacock. He has a new sense of self confidence. I am so glad I didn't deny him this experience

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