Tuesday, February 19, 2013

You've Got Mail

That awkward moment when you have to uncheck the "stay signed in" box to your email, because your 8 year old is checking his inbox as often as you are. ;)

Josh (8y) is really taking to his email lately, which is presenting all sorts of learning opportunities for him. First, he's learning to navigate everything, adding contacts, composing, replying. He's getting plenty of practice typing.

We've talked about how to format a letter, with a greeting, body, and closing. We've talked about spelling, proper use of commas, proper grammar, and capitalization. All this done in a very conversational way; not critiquing him, simply helping him as much or as little as he wants us to.

He's really enjoying sending Papa and I emails. He'll send something, then run over to us waiting for our phones to buzz an alert, with a big goofy grin on his face, then exclaim, "That's from me! I sent you a message!" It's especially nice for him to be able to chat with Papa while he's at work. This also means he's taking a more active role in his relationships with other family members, namely his grandparents.

Another example of how learning is a by-product of following our interests. Josh wants to email, and as a by-product he is learning the things mentioned above.

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