Thursday, February 14, 2013

End Testing

Speaking of the picture below about standardized testing- Whatever method of education we support, I think we all agree that the testing is worse than worthless, right? They eat up class time, force teachers to alter their lesson plans around them, and cause our children unneeded stress. The results tell our kids they are doing "well" or "poorly" based on information which has no indication of success or happiness later in life.

They do not measure bravery, fairness, wisdom, integrity love, humor, zest, kindness, self-regulation, gratitude, optimism, empathy, perseverance, grit, or any other qualities which are much better indicators of success and happiness (which to me is synonymous).

But how do we get rid of the test? Exercise free will. Talk with your child about opting out of the test. Nothing disruptive or violent, simply write "I would prefer not to take your test." on the answer sheet. There would likely be backlash. The system doesn't know how to deal with free will.

But what can they threaten you with, really? Employers don't ask to see your standardized test scores when you apply. I've never known a potential mate to require standardized test scores. They don't affect your credit score. Tell your children- The test means nothing in the real world. The test has no power over you.

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