Wednesday, February 27, 2013

They Unschool Me

Sometimes I worry that because we don't have much expendable cash, we won't be able to facilitate all the interests Josh (8y) may have. I worry that we'll hold him back. He's very interested in astronomy, but we can't afford a decent telescope, things like that.

But Josh is teaching me not to worry about things like that. He's teaching me not to look at the world like that anymore. His "I can" attitude is showing me that I was not looking at all the options. For example, we can use telescopes at the local college. And even if we do need money, that's just an extra step in the process. His outlook is "We need $X, what can we do to get $X, let's do it."

When we started on the path of this lifestyle, I thought I was the one setting my children free, that I was unschooling them. But time and time again my children prove to be the ones setting me free. They're unschooling me.

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